Why We Created This Course For You

There is a lot of noise in the world today. It’s hard to hear what your truth is. 

Maybe you’ve had moments; moments where you glimpsed inner clarity -- where you knew exactly what you needed to do next, or what you needed to say, or where you needed to go. 

This inner clarity is a psychological fact every culture shares stories about, yet, you likely have never heard this idea in school, or from your parents, or in any religious setting in a way that was applicable to your daily life.

That is why we’ve created this course. 

Both of us used the technique in this course to radically change our lives. Erick nearly lost his mind in his early 20s from diving too deep into psychedelics, and he used journaling to bring him back to reality. 

Clif nearly gave up on his life due to his nihilistic, rebellious reality tunnel, and he used journaling to transform his meaningless-ness into a profoundly inspired view of life.

The gift of journaling has transformed our lives, and we are sharing the best practices we’ve discovered with you in this course. 

If you commit to this practice, and you pledge to be honest and vulnerable, you will transform. You will find a connection to that inner clarity, and it will guide you through every single ordeal life will offer you. 

We made this course for you because we genuinely believe that the world is improved with every new human in it who connects to their inner clarity.

What You'll Get

  • 3 Journaling Practices that Changed Our Lives

    You’re busy and want to know what works, so we’ve obsessively studied and tried all the journal practices we could find and picked the 3 most effective and life-changing techniques to share with you.
  • 3 Exclusive Podcasts Covering the 3 Practices

    You know reading is one thing, but hearing people have an intimate conversation about an idea really helps you ingrain the information, so we recorded a podcast over each technique and dive into our personal experiences with them.
  • 25 Custom Journal Prompts

    You begin to change your life by changing your daily habits, so we created a custom journaling prompt for every day of the 31-day course that there is not an article or podcast. You will be challenged, you will grow, and if you are like us, you will cry.

Full Fucking Smile Refund

100% Guaranteed

There is no risk, we offer a 100% refund. All we ask is that you genuinely attempt the first week worth of prompts and send us your work so we know you tried. If you still feel the price is not worth the value, we will give you a complete refund.